A full-working day excursion from Marrakech takes you to the mountain villages and waterfalls of the Ourika Valley working day journey. A trek from Setti Fatma, shooting sessions in the spectacular Atlas highlands, and a pay a visit to to an argan oil producing cooperative are all incorporated.
Take a lovely push across the valleys that along the stream. Check out a indigenous Berber industry in Tnin Ourika village as nicely. Then consider in the breathtaking vistas of lush eco-friendly valleys with snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the qualifications. You can also channel your internal adventurer and climb to the waterfalls. In addition, handle oneself to a Berber Tagine alongside the stream. Lastly, the Ourika valley working day excursion from Marrakech arrives to a summary in Marrakech.

A working day vacation to the Ourika Valley from Marrakech delivers a captivating escape into the serene splendor of Morocco’s countryside. Departing from the bustling city, the journey unfolds along winding roads that snake through the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. As the landscape transitions from city sprawl to verdant valleys, the ochre hues of Marrakech give way to a kaleidoscope of greenery, with terraced fields, citrus orchards, and tiny Berber villages dotting the scenery. Along the route, stops at classic Ourika valley marketplaces provide chances to immerse oneself in the lively regional society, the place the aroma of spices fills the air and artisans showcase their crafts.

Upon arrival in the Ourika Valley, the towering peaks of the Atlas Mountains form a remarkable backdrop to the tranquil location. The valley’s namesake river meanders through the rugged terrain, carving a path via lush valleys and rocky outcrops. A leisurely stroll alongside the riverbanks reveals picturesque landscapes and secluded waterfalls hidden amidst the verdant foliage. For the adventurous at heart, guided hikes provide the chance to explore farther afield, with trails leading to panoramic viewpoints and remote Berber villages nestled amongst the hills. Regardless of whether savoring a traditional Moroccan food overlooking the river, bargaining for handicrafts at a nearby marketplace, or simply basking in the tranquility of mother nature, a working day journey to the Ourika Valley promises an enriching encounter that showcases the varied splendor of Morocco‘s countryside.

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